Date of dream: 28.08.2009
Me and Nicola (my cousin) were in like a big hall, I think we were going to see an interview with a band and watch the bands new video exclusively but it was unclear who the band were. Nicola was sat next to me, I asked her if she'd ever had a lucid dream or shared dream experience she said no. I told her what they were and I told her to hold my hand and we should try, we then fell asleep. I can remember becoming lucid but I didn't tell myself I was dreaming there was no realization that I was in fact in my dream state. So at this point I was at level zero lucidity meaning i was talking about dreams and lucid dreaming without actually becoming lucid. I can remember saying to Nicola we can do anything we want then i can remember floating up into the ceiling, through the ceiling into the sky. We then floated higher than the sky into the universe, where planets and stars surrounded us it was beautiful. Then we floated higher holding hands the whole time, then it looked like we were traveling through a smoke like vessel it looked like a tube of mist in outer space. I said at this point we must go back we are traveling to a higher place, I said once we are there we won't want to come back. I found it a struggle at first to return to the human body, i found it hard to get back i got scared and let go of Nicolas hands it was then that I started to float slowly back down through the universe and such, then I felt as though I was falling without a parachute everything was racing passed me so fast. (I then thought i had woken up this is what's known as a false awakening) screaming for Nicola. We then both woke up in the hall where we were to start with. I can remember asking her if she could remember what just happened she looked at me and said no. I enjoyed visiting the universe it was a magical dream ..♥

This is what it looked like while i was there (click on link)

"Don't follow your dreams, Chase them"