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      McDuck's dream journal

      Decided to put my dream journal here. Started writing it today, and wrote back to the 5th.
      Will probably keep updating it as long as I remember too.
      Feel free to leave tips, comments etc.

      I suddenly realise I am dreaming, and think that I have to do something cool fast, before I wake up. I run, and jump of the first cliff I can find, but everything is almost black.

      I drive a purple van in Agatunet. Apples are lying on the ground, and there's a horse and a tractor there.
      It begins to hail, and it becomes foggy. I take cover under a roof og an old building.

      I'm near the sea. It's rocky. Me and my cousin are going towards the ocean, looking at an excavator working on a dike. An old, empy bottle of coke hanging on a branch. Dolphins in the water. Old house by the sea.


      I am a pilot on a fighter aircraft, dropping tarmac in the desert to make a road. (??)

      I am on a frozen lake, skating.

      I'm at home. I look at my hands. They are deformed. All wobbling. I decide to test some stuff I read here. I did the pinch your nose and breath-test. I could breath.
      I tried to use a light switch. The light stwitch didn't look like any light switch I have in my house. It worked, but with some delay.
      I tried to do the Task of the Month, trying to master pyrokinesis, but I failed to set a car one fire.
      I remembered to have read that if you ask a DC if you are dreaming, they will say "Yes", so I asked some. They all said "No".
      I looked at myself in a mirror, and I looked like me, but I was wearing old-fasion pilot clothes.
      I tried to levitate, but couldn't do it, no matter how much I tried. I could fly, though, but only downhill.
      I am at home in a greenhouse (we don't have a greenhouse). I climb up a ladder attached to the wall, but everything
      fades to black.

      I am at Nordnes. My uncle and I are flying a small, red propellar plane. Now it's only me flying it. I'm flying over Tyssedal. I use the road for take-off.
      Now I am shoveling snow blocking a red container with a helicopter. Propellar plane again. During take off, I see someone hunting deers. I am now hunting deers. And there's 2 horses with me. 2 other people too. 1 shotgun.

      On the bathroom on Nordnes. Walking up the road with Kristian and Bjarte. "Wrestling" with Bjarte. Mom is driving home on ATV. I take the taxi to Odda. Aldo is driving. The road is very narrow.The road is very narrow, several old ladies are watching as we drive. We drive past a rusty metal structure in the road, now the road is no wider than 1 meter, but still the car fits.
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      I'm going to prison. I don't know why, but my teacher is showing me around there. He shows me a milling machine, used for milling wood. There are many other people in the prison. The prison is made of stone. Some people laughing.
      Suddenly I'm escaping, running down the road from my house. The teacher is angry, and is chasing me, but he soon gets happy, and stops chasing.
      I keep on running down the road (it's 3 km long). Half-way down I see a big tree over the road, with a blue chainsaw stuck in it. As I run further, I run past my cousins house, and go inside. I know I have to get to the end of the road fast, but I'm trapped in the house, I climb out a window, just to find another window, and another window. I eventually get out, and see a very small mouse with big eyes. I pick it up.

      Ok, the strangest thing happened the day after this dream. I was working on the fields when I saw a small mouse, i picked it up, and when I did that, I realized I had dreamed this the night before! (This was real)
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