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      More dreams, but less clarity

      In the past I would remember one or two good, long dreams and sometimes a few very unclear fragments (like an image or single word). Lately I've been remembering 4-6 dreams each night but they are extremely fuzzy (sometimes I feel like I'm fabricating parts of it even) and are single scenes for the dream (I know there was more and they're "on the tip of my tongue" but I can't remember). Is there a way I could go back to the old ways? Or will I eventually be remembering 4-6 but well? I miss sometimes remembering the textures and tastes of things, being able to actually FEEL things is what intrigues me the most, but at the moment I am having trouble just remembering events.

      Is it just something that is going to pass or a step towards better recall and clarity?
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      I feel I am at the same spot. I think it's certainly possible to have both high recall count and high detail. The question is how to get from here to there. I am going to try changing my approach a bit. Instead of desiring to recall more dreams, I'm just going to desire having fun and memorable dreams. I hope that seeps into my subconscious and I'll see what happens.

      I figure dreams are like anything else. If something is boring, the way to make it interesting is to bring something new to it. So experiment.
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