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    Thread: Do writing dream journals on the internet different then writing your dreams down in a notebook?

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      Do writing dream journals on the internet different then writing your dreams down in a notebook?

      Has anyone noticed more of a benefit from wrting it on a computer than writing in a journal.

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      Typing it down on a computer is much faster for me and I can put much more details because I don't get tired from writing. I get to insert images into my virtual DJ too. However, I like the tranquil feeling of writing my dreams so that's the main advantage of writing with a pen for me.

      The main advantage of a virtual DJ is you get to search through old entries much, much quicker with ctrl+f and tags.

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      I enjoy writing my dreams down online much more than on paper simply because I hate writing but don't mind typing. Typing is just so much faster and it's easier to correct mistakes as well. An advantage to handwriting your dreams in a notebook, however, is being able to have it right next to you, as well as being able to draw anything you saw much more easily and with greater detail. You can search through google for a picture resembling what you saw but if you draw it yourself it will be much more accurate. You don't even have to be a good artist (I'm terrible )
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      Well for me, when I wake, the best way to remember dreams is to write them down instantly. I use a journal because its there next to me, using a computer takes time to load up.

      Also, the light from a computer is intrusive, I sleep with someone and they would be annoyed if I woke them with my computer light lol

      Also, I like to draw quick diagrams or pictures to help remember logos and such, and thats not so easy on a computer

      Also, computers can run out of battery, and if it did, I'd be without a record of my dreams!

      Also, if I lost my computer, all my dream records will be lost (unless you backup)

      ALSO, (last one I promise) theres something I like about having a book full of scribbles which I can flip through and read to refresh my memory. Its more personal, and feels like a hobby.
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      I do both. I have to quickly write something down immediately on a folded sheet of paper on the dressing table by the clock. If it is long then I use keywords sometimes. However I like to get the quotes and speech down first as I find these are the first that fade.
      After I transfer onto computer after using 'Word'. I can, edit or move a sentence or paragraph if I want to, or add something that I remember, whereas that is harder in a main journal if you have already written your main report out beforehand.
      I can then cut and paste across to my dj on here.
      I always have the problem when I come back to my notes too late in the day that I cannot understand or read some of the 'scribble' I have put down from earlier which is really frustrating as sometimes it is a really important word that cannot be guessed sometimes.
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      I think when you first start out writing your dreams, a notebook might be the way to go. I used to do that for a while, but then as I got better with dream recall, writing it in a notebook (because I get paranoid if I leave something out in the open for others to possibly see) eventually takes up too many pages for me because even if I only remember a snippet or a part of a dream, usually if I remember the details, which I'm okay at doing by now, more parts will get back to me.

      And I can barely writing as fast as I think, I know that's just common sense, but I literally have too many thoughts of recall coming into my mind that I can't help but use a laptop beside me whenever I wake up. Since I use an online alarm timer (or a program if I'm too lazy and worried about the internet connection not triggering the alarm), I might as well just the laptop to record my dreams.

      I used to use Microsoft Word as a rough draft of my dreams before I edited it with images when I posted them on Dream Views. Then I felt things were out of balance and too chaotic, and having all those dreams in one file that would went to 100+ pages in only a few months, and having separate documents in a specific folder for each daily set of dreams would just be too much, and I would have to keep clicking and clicking to go through them if I want to find one to draw or something like that.

      Most of my dreams are nonsense, so I don't have to worry about that a lot, but I started to use BanHurt's dream journal system (you can find it in the Grandfathered Dream Journal Section).

      The light from the laptop doesn't bother me as much because I can just close my eyes and start typing fast, getting all of my thoughts at a faster rate than writing by hand. It's just that with writing, it may help reinforce memory into the brain with tactile movement, but getting my thoughts out on a loaded laptop and typing at least 90 words a minute if I'm feeling lazy helps to get more detail.

      Of course, the only problem with this is if there's a Windows Update that wants to do a sneak attack on me before the alarm rings for me to try and recall my dreams. I just use my Blackberry phone to type out notes instead, since I'm not a faster thumb pusher.

      Images help, but if you go back to the dreams you entered like a year later, it might not make much sense, which is why, at least for me, I can get more by typing as much detail as possible. I use images as well, but I'm getting more accustomed to getting my thoughts out and then worrying about imagery later.

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