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    Thread: Problem.

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      Exclamation Problem.

      I haven't been able to recall my dreams for several days and I'm starting to worry.

      Usually, I'll be able to recall my dreams and they are very vivid. I never can attain lucidity but I do remember my dreams and write them down in my dream journal.

      Another thing is that I haven't been getting sleep regularly lately. Could this be the reason? If it is, that seems odd because I remember reading somewhere that it is easier to become lucid when you are sleep deprived.

      Does anyone know of any vitamins I can take or foods I can eat before bed to help my dream recall?


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      That avatar is disturbingly fascinating

      First of all, being sleep-deprived is not that good for dream recall. It might be helpful if you're trying to induce a WILD (especially in a nap), but the thing is when you hit the bed with lack of sleep, your body will dish out a good amount of REM asap. The problem is during the rest of the night the body will try to balance, and you might have more N-REM sleep during the second part of the night than the usual, which doesn't help much with recall.

      I'm going to refer you to the Dream Recall Compendium, a great thread with loads of information regarding problems on recalling dreams, along with details on supplements and even factors that might influence your recall and quality of sleep at night. Also, give a quick read to this article, especially the part about "Paying off your sleep debt".

      Moving this to Dream Signs and Recall.
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      Quote Originally Posted by zoth00 View Post
      You have to face lucid dreams as cooking:
      Stick it in the microwave and hope for the best?
      MMR (Mental Map Recall)- A whole new way of Recalling and Journaling your dreams
      Trying out MILD? This is how you become skilled at it.

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      The first step to good recall is getting plenty of sleep. -dr. awesome (LaBerge).

      Lucid dreaming, at least at first, requires good sleep and mental energy for concentration. Once you learn the techniques, you should be able to get to a point at which you can have lucid dreams any time you wish just by reminding yourself that you can do so. - LaBerge again.

      I would recommend promising yourself that you will DJ and sleep at least 7 1/2 hours a night for 3 months (give yourself like 6 exceptions. If you don't already do so, sleeping this much will give you much more energy (mental and physical) and you will find daily tasks easier. I personally got addicted to good sleep after about a month of 8 hours a night of sleep. LaBerge always talks about forgoing LDing if you don't have the time to do it now.

      PS. Just got ETWOLD back from a friend, so I am really happy about having it back.

      Also. What zoth said is great. I don't agree with lack of sleep helping WILD in any way. WILD is mind awake body asleep. If you are sleep deprived you are mind asleep body awake or both asleep. The rest of what he said is dead on though.
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