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    Thread: Trouble remembering dreams

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      Angry Trouble remembering dreams

      I've got about twenty dreams written in my DJ in a row, but for the week or two I've had nothing. You know that feeling that you have when you first wake up and theres that feel of a lingering dream, and you can just feel it there, like a memory of something your not sure of, and you can usually remember your dreams from focusing on that? Well I haven't even been having that feeling anymore. It's really frustrating because I don't like to skip days in my DJ, but lately I haven't written anything. Yes, I've been doing meditation and mantras and reality checks, but still nothing. I don't get it, has my sleep pattern changed?

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      Dry spells are somewhat common, maybe you just need to wait it out.
      You could also be trying to hard, relax don't put pressure on yourself for something you cant stop from happening.
      I have had an awful 2 weeks of recall and yes it drags you down.
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      Many things affect dream recall. In my experience, lack of good quality deep sleep is a major factor, causing less time for dreaming and, in turn, less dream recall.

      If you are dreaming less than normally, then I would suggest you look at changes in behavioural patterns affecting sleep quality. For example:

      whether you've been going to bed later than usually
      whether you've been drinking more coffee or tea late in the day
      whether you've been more excited before going to bed than you normally are
      whether you're newly having a lot of worries disturbing your peace of mind.
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      Both replies are excellent. Why don't you try sleeping an hour earlier than usual? Even if you don't feel sleepy yet, just lay tnere and think about dreamy things. Also, do you know your dream signs? When you wake up and can't recall anything, try thinking about your dream signs. Go through them in your head one by one, and try to recall if it popped up last night. More than likely, it would have, and once you get a hit, you can go from there and connect the dots. Good luck

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      I use isochronic tones or binaural beats mostly the first one BUT you can also remember your dreams by saying " I will remember my dreams" if you want to end a dry spell quick use the isochronic tones it does the job and gives you vivid dreams IF you find the right one binaural beats though is ok to though but *outdated* "I will remember my dreams" say that atleast 4 to 6 times before you sleep or say it how many you want it works for me

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      idk. Usually it depends how cool or real it felt. I mean in one dream i could remember one shapeshifting fox or something. But those where i had superpowers i can remember so much easier... Usually something helps me remember these dreams like something in real life....

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