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      100% of dreams same dream sign. What now?

      Hey everybody. I just recently got back into LDing but I've kept my old dream journals from 1-2 years ago. Over this past week I have collected around 6 dreams. After reading through all my old dreams and my current one... there is a huge similarity. The situation in all of them is either really really weird and or the place is somewhere I have never been or hardly every go to. Now knowing that 95% of my dreams contain one or both of these how can I use this to my advantage?

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      Congrats on finding your dream signs! It can help alot, even if similar don't happens IWL, you can use mantras like "When i am in place i never been to i do reality check and become lucid" or "If situation is really really weird i do reality check and become lucid" or similar.

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