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      2 Week Long Dryspell

      For a couple of weeks I haven't remembered one dream at all, and this is making me really, really frustrated. For the past 4 weeks my dreams have been getting less detailed and vivid. I really want to remember my dreams again, but I can't anymore. Will this dry spell go away? And I'm also not planning on taking supplements because I believe that once I start taking them, I have to keep having them if I want my recall to stay good.
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      Well first I'd have to ask you to be more specific, do you have any idea what your problem might be coming from?

      The overwhelming majority of recall problems can be solved by just doing these basic steps. Sleep for 6-8 hours, the same time each night. Eat 3 meals a day and also do some moderate exercise. Record your dreams in a dream journal right after you wake up each morning when you can remember them in the most detail. Sometimes reading and meditating, aka spending time helping my mind to strengthen its power to imagine things, helps me improve the quality and quantity of my dreams. Hope this helps :3

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