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      Dream recall experiment

      note: I will post entries for this one week only. If anyone else wants do do the same experiment, I would love it if you posted your progress here!


      The ‘experiment’;
      I aim to set my alarm to wake me up every hour. Upon waking I will recall and record any dream/dreams I had. My hypothesis is that this will improve my recall! But I'm mainly doing this for fun This experiment is only to improve my recall, not to try and get lucid. However, by improving my recall, it will help me to get lucid and have longer more vivid lucid's later on!

      Background information;
      I used to have extremely good recall, and would remember up to 15 dreams a night, of varying lengths, the majority with great clarity of detail, so that even without being prompted by re-reading my diary I could recall the dream as if I was in it again, 10 years later. I let my recall slip over the past year or so, and am now trying to restore it to it’s former glory.

      DAY ONE

      - note – as my alarm is new, I set it wrong and didn’t wake up until 3:30am, so then I figured out what I had done wrong and set it correctly, for every hour. I was annoyed that I missed 4 awakenings. I had set my first awakening for 12:00am, midnight, to give me 2 hours to get to sleep (it can take me awhile sometimes)
      Bedtime 10:00pm

      3:30amno recall – just a faint, distant memory of a dream I couldn’t ‘reach’

      5:00amokay/medium recallshort dream – lying on a futon . A large, black, hard looking spider (more like a black crab, really) came toward my bed. I had a takeaway cup with carrot juice in it, & I squirted the spider – to no effect- so I touched it’s face with the cup a few times – no effect – so I pushed it away from my bed with the cup. It walked all the way around my bed, with me nudging it with the cup to stop it walking onto my bed, and then it walked out the door, so I shut it.

      6:00amexcellent recallmedium length dream (I won’t recall all the detail, there is lots...from the colour of everything (i.e. people’s backpacks) to insignificant objects such as ladders and iPods, and a lot more happens in the dream) – I am in Thailand with my postgrad supervisor, 2 PhD students, and some other students/scientists. We are in a hotel room packing to leave on an excursion/field trip/experiment. I pack my stuff.

      Everyone is leaving, so I go outside. It’s night time. Everyone gets in the car and leaves without me. I go back inside. I’m standing inside the door when the kids come home (I don’t know who they are, but in the dream it makes sense). Then I look at the kids..... they have 3 legs!!!! (it looks awesome and freaky!).

      I realize they have been experimented on to make them mutate. Then I realize that I’m supposed to be away on a trip, and if ‘they’ (the scientists?) knew I was here and had seen what they had done to the kids, they would kill me. I try to hide, but the kids can see me (which is okay, but it means ‘they’ will know I’m here), so I run off with one 3 legged girl who decides to come with me.

      We run through people’s backyards, and this girl is amazing! She can run like a spider, climbing up any surface ridiculously quickly! After a while, she stops cold, & gets this surprised look on her face. She looks like she is dying. I wonder if the mutation causes death or if she is about to mutate again.

      Then I ‘wake up’ in bed (FA), it gets weird (people are digging up my front yard path), and I ‘wake up’ (FA) again. I realise I am asleep still, and try harder to awaken so I can record this dream, and then my alarm goes off. (I really enjoyed this dream).

      7:30amno recall – I get up
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      Good luck with experiment! Would be possibly even better if you could time it to wake up right after REM, and those Mini-WBTBs can also potentially help with lucidity. Just be sure that it's not one of those loud alarms.

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      Day two

      DAY TWO

      - note – I realised that one hour intervals were too short, as it was taking me one hour just to get to sleep, so I increased it to 2 hours. I found it really difficult to get back to sleep last night.
      Bedtime 10:00pm

      12:00amvery poor recall – I only remember vague images, and not much of the actual dream – I was playing a ‘character part’ [of the game I am currently playing – Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (I don’t exactly know what I mean by character part, I just remember feeling it was about a particular character, and had an image of him – it was like looking at the digital image of him) but it was very boring and I had to do it.

      1:00am – still awake

      3:00amstill awake!

      5:00amvery poor recallI only remember vague feelings and vary vague images with no detail – I was in a big multi-level facility (scientific), I went into a restricted area, & overheard some guy talking about covering up a big accident, and cleaning up the huge mess from it. It felt creepy.

      7:30amno recall upon awakeningI was very disappointed, but when I closed my eyes to go back to sleep, I got a few vague feelings/images and then I relaxed more and 2 dreams ‘came back’ to me. I got rather a lot of detail, and can remember many objects in detail, where people were sitting etc. I can usually tell what order my dreams were in but this time I couldn’t

      Dream #1 – I am riding a bike with my partner – yellow ‘city cycle’ bikes. We park them out of the front of a building. Only I go in. I go into some guys office/apartment. He is trying to work but being distracted by three noisy old ladies (chatting to each other) and his bossy, nagging wife. I tell him I sympathize/empathize with him, in front of his wife and this pisses her off but I don’t care, and I tell the old ladies that they are in his office so they should shut the hell up.

      Later in the dream, the couple are getting a divorce, but a lot of my stuff is in their apartment, and I have to choose what I want to take with me when I move out (I didn’t realize I lived there!).

      Dream #2 – I am chatting with some nice people, there is a festive atmosphere, and I tell a guy that I can fly. They don’t believe me, and say I should show them. For some reason I don’t want show them, so I say so, but say I will prove it to them by bringing them an object. One guy says I should fetch his blacksmith’s hammer from his house in Tasmania (which is 2-3 hours away by plane). I said sure, but it’ll take me an hour or two to get there and back.

      I go via a guys house to borrow a jacket for the cold (flying at night time is cold, and so is Tasmania). I am inside the house, and a heap of cows are outside, leaning in through windows eating his stuff. Then the cows turn into zombie/vampire/monster people and try to get me. I thought I needed a run-up to take-off for flying, but I am so scared I just rise straight up into the sky. The dream continues and I fly over fields and other types of landscapes but I forget the rest.

      #3I am trying to go back to sleep after jotting this in my notebook, when I have a HH (hypnogogic hallucination)– I follow some people into the forest, and then they turn into tree spirits. I see golden beams of light (that resemble tree trunks) shoot upwards into the sky and down into the earth from each person, and then it happens to me.

      I can’t get back to sleep, so I get up.

      note; I am leaving out a lot of the dream's detail, to make for easier reading and so it less boring to read, but if any of you would like me to put in the detail, please let me know
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