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      My Recall is getting quite better!!

      Hi guys. i started practicing since 2 weeks ago. and i'm getting more and more into it. I read about Lucid dreaming and dream recall. i practice techniques and reality checks and just get in the zone and repeat mantras and stuff.

      Well now it's getting better. I remembered like 3 dreams yesterday night. i woke up several times at night about 3 times and that helped. alot.

      The bad problem im still having is with going back to sleep it takes me a long time. i can't easily go back to sleep it takes me a lot of time. But at least eventualy i did.

      Anyway, the dream yesterday was great. It was about a girl. and interestingly I was close to a Lucid dream. not really but the opportunity was there, i just didn't do it.

      Anyways, getting immersed with Lucid dreaming and mantras and meditation and Awareness study during the day does work

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      Congrats on the progress!
      Meditation and relaxation can help to fall asleep quicker, also it can help to not focus on it as a problem: "Do" instead of "Try to". Another thing that helps me to fall asleep quicker personally when i have problems is thinking about nothing and just letting 'dreamy' thoughts in without focusing on them.
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      Hey Thanks for the response. Yeah i had a recall Nov 27 it was great a dream where i had a hot girl next to me , then november 28 no recall at all but then today i had another recall.

      Today i had recall
      HOwever i was disappointed in that i woke several times and i had no recall at all. Luckly the last time i went back to sleep at 4:30 and when i woke up i had recall and it was great!!!! But yeah i dont know why the other 3 times i woke up i didn't have any recall. My schedule yesterday was Sleep at 9pm, I woke up for some reason like at 10:50 no recall.. then 1:30 or something then 3:00 then 4:30 . the last time i was recall so i felt great.

      Well i guess that's how it is sometimes , maybe i woke up when it wasn't REM so i didn't remember any of the first few times.

      But anyway, now i'm turning all TV and lights or keep a small light 1 hour prior to bed and then read AND/or meditate for 1 hour before going to sleep. That's a tip i read some website which was talking about insomnia. and lately like yesterday and the prior days i have been having middle of the night insomnia so it hlped to have that tip. I was able to go back to sleep each time. it was great. So yeah now i will meditate 1 hour prior to sleeping. It's also great habit cause i've been just hooked on TV and Internet most my life and i do up til late and that's not good. It's part of crazy busy society that we live today but i can get out of that cycle.and i'm happy to do so.

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