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    Thread: Could it be my dreams are actually short and I remember all that happened?

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      Red face Could it be my dreams are actually short and I remember all that happened?

      Whenever i rmember a dream, i remember several things that happened and how it came to an end. I tend to tell myself "There must be more..think back think back" But i don't remember anything. So basically i would say my dream recall is about 1 paragraph or sometimes less.

      Could it be that that's the real length of my dream. ? In other words, that there is no really beginning or nothing. that dreams just start from whatever point in the story.

      Like yesterday in my dream, i was in a school and the point i remember from is that i was walking in the campus and it was sunny and my feet were getting burned cause the ground was hot and then i went to a bench on the top of a hill where there was a bunch of kids( like 4) and they were all outcasts, all the other people walking in the campus were cool guys and hot chicks. I guess i was part of the outcasts who nobody wants. heheh anyways.

      So where i remember from was me walking to that bench... i don't remember anything before that.
      So is it possible there was nothing before that? I have a feeling that that could be.

      Because i recently had a non rem dream in my shallow sleep(wasn't even in sleep i was just with closed eyes, nearing Stage 1. I was basically awake but had a sudden dream and it just started with no actual beginning. it just started me in my room and my sister cleaning my room.

      But there was no presentation and start of a dream. it just started at a random point of a story.

      So yeah, i have a feeling what i'm remembering is not much differnet that the length of the entire dream
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      I think the number of paragraphs has more to do with the details of the dream you write down than the actual length of the dream

      The point of entry in all my dreams are random and some of my dreams are quite short as well.

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      I've always found that my dreams start at random points. Only occasionally do I ever get (or remember) a beginning. I don't know if it's recall or not, but man, dreams sure are crazy!

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      Yeah dreams aren't like movies, with definite beginnings, middles and ends - they're more like the way things actually happen in life, just random stuff going on. Once I was able to remain aware as I fell asleep and I witnessed the dream forming - it began as hypnagogic imagery, at first just random flashes and points of transparent light, then it suddenly looked like a field with uncut grass and clumps of dirt in it, but with no color and no solidity - like if I was seeing a field reflected in a window or something, and then suddenly it all became much more solid and realistic and I was in a dream. No beginning, just stuff happening as if I had picked it up already in progress. Heh, in a way it's like channel surfing - catching bits and pieces of shows strung together randomly.

      This reflects the natural way people tell stories, until they learn stories are supposed to be organized with a beginning and ending (which is strictly to make them more emotionally pleasing that real life is). Think about how kids tell you things - "And then… and then… and then.. "

      In fact somewhere in a very old box I still have the first 'story' a friend of mine wrote when we were in 3rd or 4th grade - it's all just one long run-on sentence strung together with a lot of and's and so's.

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