I have bad recall lately . 4 days no recall( i kinda recalled today so i was happy) but anyways my recall is not great.

People tell me it can be because of stress and i have health problems and housing worries and stuff. How do i relax and not worry when i have all these issues?

one worry i have for example is that i'm getting lately and since two weeks ago, a kind of movement problem kinda like Parkinsons. And i hope i'm not developing parkinsons but i had head trauma before and people with head trauma can develop it ..so it scares me.

Especially i don't want to tell or have my parents find about it because they scold me. (Yeah i have mean parents ) Instead of understanding they would get angry if i told them I'm having trouble while walking in the street.

So it's not just the health problems, i also fear my parents.

Anyways, i have stress and worries. and about housing because i dont have housing and i may be homeless soon.

So i have those things, it's not like i can magically not worry about it.
So how do i not worry so that i can dream recall better?