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      Question Ways to recall people in dreams?

      So I have a massive problem when it comes to dream recall. I'm great at recalling dreams, sometimes remembering four or five a night, but I can rarely remember people! I can recall tiny vivid details of objects or places, but when I'm recalling the entire dream, I just remember the people I interacted with as "some girl/guy" and have no clue what they looked like. The only time I ever remember people is when I say their names in my dream, then when I wake up I can tell myself "Well, I called him Cory so that must've been him" or "I called her mom so I guess she must've looked like my actual mom." but I honestly can't remember many details about the way they look.

      How do you improve your recall of people's faces? I'd love to know who I'm hanging out with in my dreams instead of just remembering "Oh, I hung out with some people I identified as friends, but which friends they were I have no idea."

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      Im not an expert by any means but you could try setting intentions. For example before you fall asleep repeat "I remember people in dreams." Or some mantra along those lines. Some people find it alot better to write down your mantra like 30+ times a few hours before bed. Good luck!

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