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      Lost my dream recall cause ive been with medical Problems

      I was having good dream recall but to have dream recall i would have to wake up few times a night and also do mantras.
      And i haven't done that in a while because i've been having medical problems and just make me wanna give up.

      but i want to remember again. yet if i dont wake up multiple times ,then i'll have much less chance of remembering my dreams.
      I having some mental/brain problems so i dont want to disturb my sleep that's why i dont want to right now wake up multiple times.

      What should i do to be able to remember my dreams?

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      Personally, I've never gotten into the habit of waking up and writing down dreams in the middle of the night. I just write down what I can remember when I get up in the morning, and this has more than sufficed to increase my dream recall. Writing down dreams periodically throughout the night is the reccomended technique, don't get me wrong, but the few extra dreams you'll remember this way certainly are not worth jeoporadizing your mental health.

      I've also found, through numerous cycles of practicing lucid dreaming, taking a long break, then starting again, that my dream recall will come back faster now then when I originally started working on it. So hopefully you too will be back at the top of your game without having to work as hard as you did originally.

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      I know how you feel. I have chronic pain, and it wakes me up, and makes me forget about what I was just dreaming about.
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