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    Thread: Help with 'context' DS

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      Question Help with 'context' DS


      Iíve been dream journaling for a few weeks now, and donít think I have any obvious dreams signs, however, in most dreams, there is usually some kind of strange situation or place that I wouldnít normally encounter in reality, so Iíve decided to try and use this as a context DS.

      The thing is, I find that an unusual situation or place is something very difficult to notice or reality-check to. So I was wondering, how exactly should you practice to notice this kind of dream sign? Should you be constantly assessing your activities in waking life? What do you think?

      Thanks for your responses.

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      Well that would be verging closer to awareness practices such as ADA (All day awareness).

      Unfortunately normal dreams are almost exclusively unconscious activities, so we need something to kick start us into lucidity. This can be done by dream sign, or by questioning your surroundings.

      A dream sign is used because you can autonomously recognize it with a low level of awareness, Ie that which is present in dreams. Using context as a dream sign requires you to constantly analyze the situation and be aware of your surrounding which are both higher functions.

      If you cannot find a good dream sign than ADA is definitely the way to go (constantly assessing your activities). Eventually your hard work in ADA will pay off towards a stage where you will regularly check your surroundings without having to force it, at this stage the behavior should start entering your dreams.

      Interestingly most lucid dreams are not initiated by a logical though but more so by recognizing an activity related to lucid dreaming. The ability to think logically is inhibited in a dream and thus actually questioning it can't happen until you are truly lucid, the thought of questioning though should push you into lucidity and then you may affirm your dream by questioning it.
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