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    Thread: Rate my recall

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      Rate my recall

      G'day guys and gals

      So i joined up here 12 months ago, but at the time never managed to improve my recall beyond diddily squat. To the point I sort of lost interest. But I have recently been trying again, with what I would call some success...

      In the past 3 weeks or so, I have managed to improve my recall from literally nothing, to fragments every night and every couple of nights, a fairly vivid "4 pager" as I call it (those are a5 pages, written by someone with the handwriting skills of an orangutan).

      I noticed that I was using a bit of a shotgun approach, trying to improve my recall and become lucid at the same time. I think this was counter intuitive and I was better off focusing on recall, and completely ignoring lucidity.. I still do reality checks, if i happen to think of them, but i haven't made this a priority at this stage.

      So basically, I wanted to get some feedback on a recalled dream. Basically how the more experienced would rate my recall, and also whether it is worth my while trying to introduce becoming lucid, or whether I should stick at the focusing on the recall for longer.

      So here is a dream I had during a nana nap today.

      I was driving on a dirt road and got a flat tyre, I changed the spare and continued home. But i needed to go out again because i forgot to get something. I was driving on a dirt road again, and got another flat.

      I had mum with me and I was working on removing the wheel I was complaining that the jack wasn't on very stable ground, and that mum should be careful because the car was sitting precariously.)

      I was working on removing the wheel, and my cousin was working on fixing the spare that was flat from the previous trip. I told him that there was a tyre repair kit in the passenger side toolbox of my ute.
      I was panicking trying to keep track of all the wheels so that i knew which one went back where so my wheel rotation didn't end up out of whack.

      A small 3 seater offroad gokart/buggy came hooting round the corner, all 3 people in it were wearing helmets, I apologised for blocking the road off, and then they took off.. They rolled it on the next corner and landed in a table drain.
      They were on their side, leant up against the bank, so I pulled the buggy back onto its wheels, A bloke was driving, and there were two girls as passengers. One of the girls helmets had come off, and was floating in the drain.. She was young, late teens, blond, and rather pretty.. They said that they were all ok, thanked me, and continued on.

      My cousin was using the water in the drain where the buggy crashed to find the puncture holes in the tyre tube. He came back with the tube inflated, and gave it to me, asking me to put my fingers over the 2 puncture holes. He started looking through the top glove box of my ute. I asked him what he was doing, and he said he was looking for something to mark the holes on the tube. I somewhat crankily told him there should be a white and a yellow paint marker in the top glove box. He handed me the yellow one, and I marked the holes in the tube.

      I left him to it, and went back to check on mum, my sister was there now, they had decided to try and get the wheel off themselves, and had both skun their knuckles in the process, I told them that there was a first aid kit in the bottom glove box, but I needed to get a boogy on and get the wheels fixed because we were running out of light.. Mum said she didnt need the 1st aid kid, but my sister used it.

      I was walking around the back of the car and picking up bits of construction type rubbish, thin sheet metal, timber, etc from in and around the puddle behind me.
      But it appeared like I (and the car and the road) was now on something like a mezzanine floor in a barn of sorts.
      There was a hole in the ply wood floor, that showed the floor joists. I noticed that they were put in wrong, they were horizontal rather than vertical so they weren't likely to be very strong.

      I thought to myself if they will hold up the car, they will hold me up.

      About now I felt myself waking up, it felt like I was fading back and forth between the dream, and lying on my couch, where i woke up.
      One thing ive noticed about journalling that may be of use to others. I found that if you have a word in your head to describe something but you cant figure out how to spell it, dont dwell on the spelling for long. Pick another word that may not describe it as well, but it lets you move on and get back to remembered the dream, rather than being distracted by the spelling.

      Another thing that i have started to do, is i only write on every second page (ie: if you open a book, i only write on the right hand page), this gives me room to go back if i remember anything else, and add it in with arrows or whatever on the left hand page.

      Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance for any opinions...

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      Sounds like some decent recall, well done!
      Theres nothing wrong about working on both recall and lucidity, though whether working separately be more effective or not varies from person to person i guess, i had no problem working on both at same time when i started.
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      Hmmm... It is hard to rate recall just off of a snippet! I could write page after page of my dreams, but I only ever write about a sentence to save time. That all can depend on who you are as a writer.

      I agree with Scionox about practicing both at the beginning! It is good for you. Just make sure that you know what you are doing and don't stress yourself and you will be fine! There is a lot of reading material in this subforum about recall if you want to look more at it. I have my own way to DJ (A way to DJ yourself into not needing a DJ) in my signature. The Welcome Here Section has a lot of good easy techniques that are good to start out with. Of course this is my favorite:

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