I just had a few questions about which category the following things should belong to, e.g. inner awareness/action/form/context. It's just that some of them are not obvious, I think.

1. If you are in a place which is not an unknown location, but a combination of two or more known locations, is this form or context? I mean, being a room you know, which has the layout of a different room you also know, or a place you know which just happens to look different or anomalous.

2. If you do something strange in a dream, which seems a ridiculous thing to do in reality, is this context or action? For example, typing on an orange as if itís a keyboard, or driving a convertible in the rain, or generally just doing something that seems bizarre.

3. Doing something like sitting in a classroom, watching a film out of a window instead of on a television?

Any ideas? Thanks for your responses.