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    Thread: Trouble with recall

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      Trouble with recall

      So, here's the thing: I've been dream journaling for quite a while, I got started almost a year ago, got really good recall in a matter of weeks and, after a couple of months, stopped writing the journal because I had a busy season. Obviously, my recall decreased during this time, but around four months ago I started writing the journal again, determined to get my recall back. Well, after the first few weeks it did get better, but I didn't have the vividness in my dreams that I once had. I thought it was a matter of time, but these last couple of weeks I've found it hard to have good recall. The problem seems to be that, by the time I realise I've woken up, most of the dream is gone. I can only recall fragments or sometimes a trigger may bring back the whole dream: maybe I wake up with no recall, then I talk to someone who was in my dream and suddenly the entire dream comes back to me. This can happen just after getting up or throughout the day.

      I don't really know what the problem may be. It's not the first time I work on this, I am sure I get more than enough sleep and I go to bed early, but somehow I feel tired when I wake and it takes me too long to realise I'm awake. Normally, 7 hours and a half of sleep are enough for me, and these days I have time to sleep more than this, around 8 hours or more. It has crossed my mind I may be feeling tired because I'm sleeping too much. Could it be the case?

      As a side note, I'm taking a multi-vitaminic and mineral supplement, which helped a great deal with my recall on the first weeks, so I don't think a lack of vitamins or minerals can be part of the problem.

      Any advice is welcome
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      My recall is atrocious, so I probably can't help you very much. But I still manage to chalk up a fair amount of lucid dreams, and the frequency has gone way up since I began working on my daytime awareness.

      I have tried many techniques and suggestions for improving my recall, to little avail. During weekends I generally have better recall, and also when I do the CANWILD technique. I have no trouble remembering LDs at all. But like you, I'm really slow to realize that I'm waking up, and by the time it dawns on me, any non-lucids have evaporated.

      I hope someone comes up with good advice for you, but failing that, it is my experience that awareness works really well too.
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