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    Thread: A thought about meditation and dream recall

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      A thought about meditation and dream recall

      Those that meditate have probably noticed that "forgotten" dreams can pop into your head when you meditate.

      I read a section in a psychology book that said people who learned information under water (meaning with aqualungs and diving equipment etc) would find recalling the learned information was improved when under water again rathern than in other situations (sat at a desk, etc). Perhaps this is one of the reasons why we get fragments - or full memories - of "forgotten" dreams when meditating; the meditation mimics the state we are in when we first wake and recall the last dream.

      Also, when meditating, maybe it's not the case that we remember forgotten dreams, but we remember forgotten awakenings from the past? These may have been forgotten because we drifted back to sleep.
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      First of all, very interesting information you bring Bobblehat.

      Also, when meditating, maybe it's not the case that we remember forgotten dreams, but we remember forgotten awakenings from the past? These may have been forgotten because we drifted back to sleep.
      My thought on awakening from sleep is this. Since we all have our ideas and opinions and many many thoughts and feelings connected togheter, that we are attached to. Those thoughts and opinions and feelings are high priority for our mind. Wich means that all this is instantly in action as soon as we get awake to our daily life. And our mind wont take a dream you just awake from, as a high priority in your life. Like so many people say when they wake up, "Ow, it was just a dream" That "just" makes the dream to an instant uninportant memory really. I do this myself from time to time, but merely when it comes to nightmares. So it's a reliefe to realize it was a dream. i still think that nightmares are as important as a pleasant dream though. Maybe even more important actually.

      Any how. When all of our opinions/thoughts/feelings comes right into awareness as soon as we are awake, then there is a smaller chance for anything new to be experienced when we are awake. Because our awareness cant hold to much in mind at the same time, it needs to focus at what we hold as more important to hour self to begin with. So dreams are much likely to come far down on the list of what we hold as important. Even if we tend to like dreaming for fun. In a state of deep meditation though. Then though and opinions are not hold in our awareness, so we can finally explore reality as it is. Much better than our conditioned daily minds could ever imagine. It's almost like going from reading your favorite book, to exploring all books there is. Without the words good and bad.

      So imagine to awake in the morning, in a state of a empty mind(meditation) Then it would much likely not be a problem to remember anything new that has happend. And no problem to lucid dreaming either of course.

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