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    Thread: Need help on dream recall

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      Need help on dream recall

      Dream recall. The only thing that's pulling me back from lucidity, I just don't understand how I'm not remembering my dreams. I have a DJ, I go to bed optimistic about recall, I practise mantras, I'm under no stress at all. Yet I still wake up with no memory of a dream day after day.

      What am I doing wrong?
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      Has your sleep schedule changed recently? How long has this been going on? Sometimes recall will just fluctuate.

      When I wake up I lie still for a minute while I rewind the dream in my head. Sometimes I'll only remember a fragment or nothing at all but as i'm lying there thinking about the dream more and more comes back to me. I wake up after my dreams a lot of the time too, this is a great time to jot down some notes and keywords about the dream for later.

      Check this thread out, it's got some good info: http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-sign...ompendium.html

      Just keep a positive outlook on this, you're wanting to recall your dreams, so you will

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