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    Thread: Newcomer with a question

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      Question Newcomer with a question

      Hey, I'm new to this website, lol and this is the first time I've EVER posted a thread. So bear with me guys

      So for the past few months I've been learning pretty much all I can take in about LD. The past few weeks I have started doing reality checks, also telling myself that I will lucid dream tonight. I've only this last week started a dream journal as my dreams have been SO vivid lately, I could recall almost everything so clearly I thought I should start writing what I remember down. I usually only have vivid dreams when I'm on certain medication though I haven't been on on any meds for over a year. So if what I've learnt so far is correct, then vivid dreaming is a good step toward lucid dreaming?

      Anyway, I'll get down to my real question and the reason for me being here. It's last nights dream, again I had another vivid dream, third night in a row. I was being held against my will by this guy I don't know or even recognise, every time I tried to get away from him he would find me... but I never once felt fear, at all. I felt annoyed, even angry at him. I think he was working for someone but I'm pretty sure they weren't trying to hurt me, as I said I didn't feel unsafe. I never found out why I was being held as the dream suddenly changed to me chasing someone along with two police officers (lol I have no idea). I don't have a clue who it was, what they looked like or why I was chasing them. Now this is the part that has stuck to me since I woke up. I was running after them, and usually I can't run at all in dreams, when I try it feels like I never get far, or I can't run fast enough no matter how hard I push myself. In last nights dream though, I can remember very clearly pushing myself physically and mentally to run and keep running as fast as I can til I was! I was running so fast it felt really unnatural, not lightning fast but faster than I could ever imagine running if that makes sense. I outran the 2 cops and caught the guy.... still have no idea who he was haha! Then I woke up. Dream over.

      If anyone could maybe explain to me why I remember the running so clearly, why it didn't feel real and how I managed to push myself to run so damn fast lol! I should stress the fact that I can't ever run in a dream, I'm always too slow. It's the same with fighting off an attacker in a nightmare, I just can't seem to be able to fight properly. Did I have control of my dream for a second? Was I semi-lucid? Or was this just part of the dream? Any answers would be much appreciated
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      Welcome to Dreamviews!

      Indeed, vivid dreams may be a sign that you are heading in the right direction. Anything we do that tells our mind that we like our dreams and remembering them helps. So thinking about them, writing them in DJ, vizualizing our next dream - that's all good.

      I don't think I have ever had control in my dreams untill I started practicing for lucid dreaming. But I know we can have control in a non-lucid dream, so it's not that uncommon.

      And funny think you mention running. I can never run in a dream. But last time I was running I ran like a wind. It felt great. I have no idea if it has anything to do with the fact that I never liked running, in fact, I hated it when we ahd to run at PE at school. But now in my new work I ran a lot and just few days ago I consiously thought about how much I enjoy running now.

      Not sure if I helped you at all here, haha. Someone else will be along and he may know more about this. Happy dreams

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      First of all, yes, vivid dreams can never hurt when you are trying to attain lucidity, they can make the experience a lot easier. This is because it makes recalling them a lot easier, hence making it easier to locate dream signs when you analyse your dreams at a later date.

      Second.. Well, I'm no pro when it comes to dream interpretation, but it seems (to me) that you may have been semi lucid and that is what compelled your dream self to run with the power that it did. Another idea could simply be that your dream character wanted to run and wanted to catch this man so badly that the running just happened out of sheer need to catch him. As I said, I'm no pro at dream interpretation and to me it seems like this question might be better answered in that forum area. Hopefully I've helped in one way or another..

      P.S. Perhaps not being able to run in dreams is one of your dream signs? Might be worth doing some reality checks when your about to go for a run in waking life.

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