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    Thread: Remembering more parts of a dream?

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      Remembering more parts of a dream?

      I've lately been a problem remembering how my dreams begin or ended. It's all dream segments, which for the most part are vivid but I can't recall anything else. Does rolling around in bed mess things up, cause I do this alot when I sleep? So how can I take the next level and jump to total dream recall?
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      Maybe you're actually waking up in the middle of the night and rolling around, this can hurt recall. A lot of people wake up during the night and roll over but they don't remember it because they're half awake and they fall right back to sleep afterwards.

      Try not to move much when you wake up for the day or during the night. Lay in bed for a while and try to replay the dream in your head. This really helps with recall, at first you might only recall fragments or nothing at all but as you're lying there replaying the dream more and more of it will come back. Also, try to notice when you wake up during the night. Other than being good for recall it's a good time to WILD (if you've slept enough), incubate a dream, repeat your mantra, etc.

      Check this thread out: http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-sign...ompendium.html

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