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    Thread: New dream recall technique?

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      New dream recall technique?

      Hi, 3 days ago I didn't remembered any dream, so I went to school and when I was in bus I thought about my tablet because I lost it somewhere in my house and don't know where and then I realised I had dream about how I found my tablet and then was in my bed with it and listened to music. It was cool and when I went home I wrote that dream. I remembered that dream just because I thought about item which was in my dream. So I thought this may work everytime, so I wrote list of all items or building or people who are familiar to me and which was in my dream before. I got list with 161 items. Next morning I read that list and nothing but morning after that (yesterday) it worked and I again remembered I had dream. I think this may be really good dream recall technique if you don't remember dreams like me. Just write list of familiar things or people that was in your dreams and every morning after you wake up read the list, and for while (about 5 seconds) think about every item from that list. It take max. 15 minutes and it worked for me, so you can test it and tell me if it works for you too. I hope this don't exist already, because I didn't saw it yet .
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      That's a good idea, I know sometimes I feel like I don't recall parts of a dream but later on during the day I will see something or think about an object that triggers me to remember a fragment, which then leads me to remembering more and more of it. I know in LaBerge's book he says even if you don't remember anything to think about random things that could have occurred in your dream to see if anything triggers a memory, but I like the idea of making a list. This will be easy to try out for me especially with my app since it collects common tags from my dreams. I hadn't thought of doing that before but I will definitely give it a try and scroll through the list to see if it helps me recall my dreams.

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      this seems neat, but I would change it a bit (coz I'm lazy)
      people often dream about things that bothered them the day before, or things they were thinking about. So for example, I've seen a picture of a friend of mine on the internet and thought I haven't seen her in awhile and we should meet again. That night I dreamed about her...
      So instead of writing down 150 items, you could sit down 5 minutes every evening to write down important things that happened that day (would be less than 10 things I guess)
      look at that list several times before going to bed and think "If I dream about one of those things, I'll realize I'm dreaming and become lucid" - this way it's also a reality check
      and when you wake up you don't have to go through that list of 150 items, instead you just got a list of 10 things - which could still be a reliable technique because those things might have bothered you the day before, besides it's much less time consuming
      I might try this today, thanks
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