Sorry if this is just repeating a question that has assuredly been asked time and timeline again...

Seven days and one journal entry. Not exactly where I want to be.
Over the last few days, I'be been having some serious sleep-schedule issues. I usually take classes very early in the morning, so I wake up around 5:00AM in order to start my day up properly. The problem is, however, that I would usually fall asleep around 11:00PM, so my recall (initially) wasn't so good anyways.
But I would still remember my dreams at least once a night or two.
Of course, for Lucid Dreaming purposes, one a night is acceptable, yet subpar. So in an attempt to fix that, I've started going to bed at around 9:00PM, 9:30 the pastest, in attempt to buy myself more sleep time, so that Not only would I feel more refreshed in the mornings, but I would also have more time to dream as well.
Much to my dismay, this has worked against me. Rather than remember more dreams, I've found myself to be remembering none at all, or just snippets, even if I lay still and try my hardest to remember them. I knew that physically I wouldn't be as refreshed because of the sudden adjustment, but I (foolishly) didn't believe this would affect my dreams. An other small problem, thatch be an essential detaiL for anyone willing to help, is that I'm waking up my old to-bed time. Right I'm the middle of the night after just two or so hours of sleeping (rather than after a later time, around a REM stage so I can recall and remember, if I am not mistaken).

Is this something that will just pass of I stick to my new sleep time? Should I go back to my old sleep time and work my way down in hours despite already being a few days into it? What could I do to stop waking up at this random time?

I'm willing to explain more later, but I have morning business to take care of. Thank you for any help.