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    Thread: How do I improve my dream recall again?

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      How do I improve my dream recall again?

      I used to be very active on this site. My lucid dreaming was at it's peak at that time, and it's not hard to imagine why. Since that was the climax, there has to be the falling action, which I presume is now. I only recall 1 or 2 dreams a week. When I wake up and remember them, I often remember LOTS of the dream, but all the others nights I remember absolutely nothing. I was what people on Yahoo Answers called a natural (I learned about dreaming on YA, it was weird, lol). The first night I learned about lucid dreaming I had one, granted it was only about 10 seconds long and I could do nothing, but it counted, and ever since that I recalled SO many dreams, even up to 3 or 4 a night. Then I stopped caring about it, and now that I do care about it again, I just can't seem to recall my dreams very well anymore. I often times know that I'm dreaming, but I just "go with the flow" of the dream.
      It's dumb.

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      Here are the few things that I focus on in order to have a consistent dream recall, it's usually one of these actions I skip when my recall goes down:

      *Have a calm mind - Handle your worries and concerns before going to sleep, or tell yourself that right now NOTHING matters because now it's sleep time. Or even better, meditate daily.

      *Go to sleep early (ideally around 22:00-23:00) - So if you go to sleep after this and wake up early don't beat yourself up for not remembering your dreams.

      *As you go to sleep set your intent to be aware of your dreams - Do this by using a mantra like "I AM AWARE OF MY DREAMS". And if you are more aware of them you will remember them and the other way around.

      *Write something down in your dream journal no matter how much/ little you recall - This reinforces your intent to remember your dreams and your habit of recording them. If you can't remember anything still write your thoughts about the night down!

      *Don't snooze with your alarmclock in the morning - Train yourself to get up at the first alarm in the morning, or even wake up without an alarm at all. When you snooze you forget most of your dreams, atleast I do.

      ***And the most Important action of them all: Don't beat yourself up based on your result, just do the actions again and find the joy in the right actions themselves, the result (remembering your dreams) is just a bonus. However if you don't follow the right actions, beat yourself up and think about how to improve your behavior.

      And of course add your own right actions if you come up with something new.

      Sweet recalled dreams!
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