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    Thread: Dream Recall - Recording Dreams with video.

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      Dream Recall - Recording Dreams with video.

      I've always struggled finding a good routine for recording my dreams right when I wake up. The snooze button has the best of me, and I could never force myself to sit up and write them down, or understand what I wrote later with any detail.

      Recently I realized I have a small camera that I hardly use. I put that by my bed and the last four nights, without fail, I immediately reach for the camera upon waking up and just start recording. My words are usually fumbled and sometimes incoherent, but just the act of thinking about and trying to describe my dreams has given me much better recall.

      Just a thought to try out, even with your phone, if you struggle to record your dreams on a regular basis.
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      Anything that helps you record your dream is a great idea. Thank you.

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