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    Thread: dream journal and other problems

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      dream journal and other problems

      So Iv'e been keeping and recording dreams for a very long time, but I got lazy many times and skipped some times(though for the most part I was consistent).

      Yet lately my recall started to plummit, I never recalled alot of dreams(1-2 every night) but even that was gone in a few days.

      In my opinion there are 2 problems:

      1) current political conflicts in my country(israel, if you haven't noticed yet).

      2) crazy sleeping schedule.

      The first one is pretty simple, rockets are being fired in my region lately and that freaks me out a bit because this is the first time it happened in my region which was considred mostly safe from rockets. I also noticed that during that time my recall dropped so this could probably be the main reason.

      The second one is the fact that it's not consistent, AT ALL! somtimes I sleep early sometimes late and I also wake up in different hours(one time I got up in 6 am and another time in 10am!!).

      So yeah these are my main issues, hopefully with your help they wouldn't be an issue

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      In order to really get a good foundation for your recall you need to have a consistent sleep cycle. Changing it will make dreams harder to recall at times depending on your level of recall. my advice- start forming a regular, consistent, sleeping schedule. This will help alot and with practice your dream recall should start getting better now that you're sleeping at the same times every night. Scientifically a consistent sleep schedule is healthier and less stressful on your body, and also it helps you feel more rested when you awake at that same time. Hope this helped.
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