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    Thread: Dream indicators - please help

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      Lightbulb Dream indicators - please help

      Hi all, I often lucid dream naturally but am trying to achieve more LD's and so am studying 'how to's' online and talking to ppl on this forum.

      From reading my dream diary I can see that literally every night I have several dreams in which I float and fly around.

      My question is:
      How do I recognise these events as 'Dream Indicators' in order to initiate a Lucid Dream?

      If every time I float or fly in a dream I could become aware that I am dreaming I could have several LD's a night.

      Thanks in advance.

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      For dream signs that don't happen in waking life, I can think of a couple of things you can try:

      - Using autosuggestion to affirm that the next time you find yourself floating, you will realise that you are dreaming

      - Using visualisation or meditation to imagine yourself floating and recognising the dream state

      I don't personally have very unrealistic dream signs, so there might be someone else who can give a more specific answer from their personal experience.

      I know OpheliaBlue often dreams of tornados. I remember she gave some thoughts on this in the DV podcast, but I'd have to listen to it again for a refresher.
      The episode is here if you're interested:

      * I've moved this thread to Attaining Lucidity where it might get more attention than Intro Zone.
      Good luck and sweet LDs!
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