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    Thread: Having difficulty with recall.

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      Having difficulty with recall.

      As must of you know by now, I had a series of nightmares a few months ago. But I haven't remembered anything of dreams since then. Is there an easy method to dream recall? I've tried the "what did I dream" approach in the morning but there really hasn't been anything that I can remember.

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      Make sure you have a fairly consistent sleep pattern and that you get enough sleep at night. Trying doing Wake Back to Bed (WBTB). Just wake up after a while, probably between 4.5 to 6 hours after you go to sleep, stay up for a little bit and maybe do some mantras saying you remember your dreams, then go back to sleep.
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      I have also found MILD to be not only helpful for becoming lucid but a great way to easily increase recall if the technique is done properly. So even if the MILD failed to make you lucid in my experience it has always seem to increase my recall regardless. A good mantra would be " I shall remember my dreams " Or "Tonight I will focus on my dreams"
      Reality checks are also a good way to increase dream recall since you are allowing yourself to place more focus on catching yourself in the dream environment. In addition to that considering your statement of having a series of nightmares I find reality checks to be a wise choice to start up on. As stated from DragonMaster21 use WBTB combine with RC's with MILD and your recall should naturally be decent with little effort.
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      In addition of the mentioned above, try to write down everything, even if its just one single word or a feeling. You will put pressure to your subconscious to recall more

      Good luck!
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