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    Thread: Dream Recall giving me insomnia

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      Dream Recall giving me insomnia

      I am waking up everday at around 4am and recalling my dreams. The problem is, I can't get back to sleep until like an hour later!! It's been happening for a week now. Then my mind starts racing and I start thinking about my dreams, why I had those dreams and then everything that's going on in my life starts popping into my head including how I should be prioritizing certain things and stuff I forget to do...etc...It sucks! Anyone else having this problem???

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      If you feel that you cannot go back to sleep and just write them down in the morning, you could just write down a key word from each dream whenever you wake up in the night. Then, in the morning, you can look back at the key words and you'll remember most of your dreams. Also, when you wake up during the night, do not put on a bright light, because that will cause you to become more awake. Yes, you'll remember more details if you write the entire dreams down at 4 a.m., but writing down just a word or two also works (plus, you will be able to go back to sleep faster.) Hope this helps!
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