i realized that a dream sign for me is an unexpected number of light bulbs in a fixture. For instance, and this is probably my most common and how I first figured this out, my parents have seven light bulbs above the mirror in their full bathroom. That's right, seven. Not eight, not ten, not thirteen. Seven. I have found more lights there and figured, well, I guess Dad did a little remodeling. Then I'd wake up and find I was dreaming. And really, my dad would have to do more than just add a few more sockets. He'd have to make the whole "strip" longer to make it specially possible and it hasn't happened in dreams. Same length, more bulbs. Nope. Sorry. Not gonna happen.

So I got to realizing if there's more than seven bulbs, I'm dreaming. Now every time I enter that bathroom I count the bulbs. Actually, I'm trying to make a habit to count light bulbs in any place I frequently go in waking life, especially multiple bulb fixtures. I also count burned out bulbs as bulbs, because they are, well, bulbs.

So I thought I'd throw that out there in case others might find it a useful dream sign/RC. I haven't really seen it listed anywhere on a list of common DS/RC"s, so not sure how common it is, but I guess it is sort of like counting fingers on hands.

So, hope this helps somebody.