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    Thread: Why can't I remember any dreams

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      Exclamation Why can't I remember any dreams

      For the past week and a half I haven't been able to recall any dreams. If I'm lucky then I would get a few fragments. It really sucks because it's preventing me from getting lucid. I always journal my dreams in the morning. However my recall is still very bad.

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      Hi LDleader,
      I see you've made two statements: 1) your recall recently has been low, and 2) you think your recall in general is very bad. Did I get that correct?

      As for your recent recall dry spell, I wouldn't worry too much, recall goes up and down for everybody. I know it certainly does with me. From an epic one night, to barely a fragment the next.

      As for your being unhappy with your recall in general, in order to properly diagnose your recall we need to know in complete detail what your total LD practice is like. What do you do (in detail!) during the day, how many times. What do you before bed, what do you during the night (the more detail you give, the more appropriate feedback we can give). Do you set intention at bedtime? Do you notice wakings in the middle of the night? Can you notice your waking before you physically move? Just how do you perform recall? When do you journal? Is Dream recall important to you? Do you reach for recall every single time you find yourself awake?

      I recently gave recall advice to another member in his DILD workbook, the post is here, I recommend you give it a read:


      Summary: 1) set intention to remember dreams every night before bed; 2) set intention to notice little wakings during the night; 3) every time you find yourself awake, before you move, reach for recall; 4) really feel deeply inside of you that dream recall is *important* to you. Also, be thankful to your subconscious for any recall you do have [gab's technique, works great!], and ask your subconscious for more [my embellishment]. And finally, do not get anxious about your dream recall performance. Performance anxiety related to sleep and dreaming just creates a vicious feedback cycle of more anxiety and worse performance, causing more anxiety and worse performance, and round and round it goes. Don't enter that cycle. Remain positive, always look forward with joy and eagerness to every night and the awesome dreaming experiences you'll have.

      Over time, with dedication and patience, recall gets stronger and lucidity comes more and more frequently. Never give up, always spend effort, stay positive, and love your dreams!
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      *Moved to Dream Signs and Recall

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      Ugh AJ....beat me to it.

      Anyways. How's your recall in general? How's your stress levels? How's your sleeping patern? A lot of outside factors affect dream recall.

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