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      Does this count as a dream sign?

      While reading through my dream journals and writing down in them every night, I've noticed a recurring theme going on.

      I seem to keep having dreams where I'm approaching stairs or walking up or down them and this causes me distress. I'm worried that I'll be trapped on them or fall down because of vertigo, a fear I do have in waking life when walking down particularly steep steps.

      Does this count as a dream sign? If so, should I capitalise on it by maybe doing some sporadic wwareness and reality checks whenever I find myself walking up or down stairs?

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      I'm quite positive it will work that way, yeah. I don't think there's a clear border between what is and what isn't a dream sign. If you recognise it as a recurring theme, make use of it as much as you can. RC'ing when on stairs is a really good idea, if you're consistent and make a habit out of it, it'll probably make you lucid sooner or later.

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