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    Thread: Dream Sign Confusion

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      Dream Sign Confusion

      So basically I've been trying to find my dream sign for the past few months to strengthen my ability to realize I'm dreaming.
      I haven't found it yet, and i just had a few questions...

      Are dream signs consistent? For example, maybe your dream sign is teeth falling out. Does your teeth fall out in every dream, or just most dreams?

      Can a mantra help me find my dream sign? If I were to repeat "I will notice my dream sign" or something along those lines, would it help in any way? (I would also appreciate any mantra suggestions )

      Can people have multiple dream signs?

      That's pretty much it..... Thanks for everything and happy dreaming!
      For often, when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream. ~Aristotle

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      The answers are: most dreams, yes and yes (I think)
      Dream signs don't have to appear in every dream but they generally crop up a lot. For example the closest thing to a dream sign of mine is being at school, which seems to happen in around about 1/3 to 1/4 of dreams.
      I am sure mantras can help with recognizing the dream signs, as they work well with other lucid dreaming aspects.
      And there's no reason I know of stopping people from having multiple. I don't myself but I'm sure some people do.
      Good luck!
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      You can have many dream signs. They do not need to occur in every dream or even most dreams. They should be things that seem to be in many dreams you remember. A classic one is being in a place you used to go, but are very unlikely to go to now. I often dream of school or having papers due, or not knowing the material for a test. I have not been in school for years. So, if I find any of those settings in life, it is very likely I am dreaming.

      I suppose a mantra might help you find a sign, but really what you need to do is work on dream recall and write down your dreams. You should find things that are more likely to happen in your dreams than waking life.

      After you realize a dream sign, use a mantra to reinforce the idea in your head. Something like this, "If I am every at school, I am probably dreaming,,, If I am ever at school....." and so on.
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      Water, rivers ,lakes,rain, those are my dream signs.

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