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    Thread: Dream signs.

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      Dream signs.

      So its been a week since i started with Lucid journey after almost a year when i first had those 2 LD's and stopped. Now and before i always had dreams about my middle, and highschool friends and the village i used to live, they almost appear every night which is so frequent its crazy. For this week now ive had about 14 dreams i remembered and today n the morning i recalled 6 out of 7 which i consider good for a beginner. Now how do i use those dream signs to help me get lucid?

      Evey hour i truly ask myself if i am dreaming or not, then i do nose plug and finger counting RC and continue with memorizing what i did through the day. And when i am not doing that the rest of the time i am staying aware of everything as much as possible which is mentally hard to keep up with, and i wanted to make sure am i doing it correctly. Thanks

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      If your dreamsigns occur in waking life as well as in your dreams (relatively often) you can start doing reality checks every time you encounter such a situation. If this is not the case, it is a little harder. One way is to rely on your prospective memory: tell yourself you will do a reality check when you encounter a dreamsign. For example, if you see your mother in every dream, you'd tell yourself something along these lines: I do a reality check as soon as/everytime I see my mother.

      If this has no result at all, you are either very unaware in your dreams or your prospective memory is not good enough. Training either of those will definitely help you get lucid from dreamsigns.

      If some of your dreamsigns are less specific (for example, you encounter strange social situations all the time in your dreams) you can start doing reality checks every time you get a similar feeling.

      Aside from all this, I believe that if you continue your journey as actively as you do now, you'll start getting lucid sooner or later. You're not doing anything wrong and a week is not extremely long (I've been trying for 3 months now and only got lucid twice in this period) so don't get frustrated, you'll get there!

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      Just keep doing what ur doing and you'll eventually have one. Record ur dreams in full detail. You should look into the DEILD method. I have been trying different methods for a while and none worked until I stumbled upon DEILD and it worked on first try so u may have some luck with it

      Good luck

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