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    Thread: Audio recording dreams?

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      Audio recording dreams?

      What do you guys think of recording dreams via voice and storing them on your computer as mp3 files or something? Personally I've never done it, might be fun, although one potential issue I can think of is when you want to go back and find a dream, you can't Ctrl+F and search for keywords (assigning titles to your dreams might help with this though, never done it..). That, and I'm already typing every day in my normal journal, not to mention the plenty other typing while chatting/browsing/working, can get kinda tiresome, especially if you have long nails bloody 1st world problems
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      I think it's even better than dream journals in a lot of ways.

      When I have record my dreams as audio I often remember more as I can relive it at a faster pace and not have to worry about my hand cramping.

      It's also a lot of fun to listen to them. Both dreamer and sensei have awesome audio dream journals, very vivid and interesting.
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      you will never know till you try it i guess, so i say if you think it could be neat, go for it! you may find it to be much better. or worse. personally i like to type mine. its kind of short when i do it on my phone but i can do a lot on my computer. if you do tell us how it goes!
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