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    Thread: Do you have any dream recall tips?

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      Do you have any dream recall tips?

      Dear Dream views community,
      While I usually am able to recall several dreams from each night, I occasionally struggle to recall more than a few irritating,blurry little fragments. I have only started my dream journal recently, but it can be hard to maintain when I don't have anything to write in it. I always repeat the phrase "I can remember my dreams" as I fall asleep each night. Should I try a different phrase? On occasion, I have not been able to remember any dreams until I open my dream journal to see if I remember. Sometimes I don't remember anything until something similar to what happened in a dream I had happens later that day. Is this normal? I just find it odd that sometimes I remember three dreams and sometimes none! When I spoke to my mother about it, she suggested taking melatonin tablets. The first night, the melatonin really helped me fall asleep and increased my dream recall. Plus it tastes like cherries The next evening, I fell asleep quickly, but still only remembered a little bit of my dreams until later that day. I was only able to write a few sentences in my journal this morning until I remembered later that day that I had dreamed about auditioning for a play. Is writing a couple sentences worth the effort, or should I only record actual dreams. My dream journal entry today was literally " I'm sitting on the sofa, writing my friend a letter while my father says something from behind his mahogany desk as he sits at the computer". I'm not necessarily concerned that I'm losing my dream recall, but I would love to hear any tips you've found helpful. Thank you so much. Until next time.
      Your Friend,
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      Write every tiny detail you remember. Even if all you recall is the emotions you felt during the dream.
      It is always good practice to write down everything. That being said, dream journaling isn't the only factor in recall. Be sure to go to bed at reasonable hours, preferably before 11. You should also limit your computer use, especially before bed. Finally, meditation is your best friend when it comes to recall and vividness. Learn basic meditation techniques and practice meditation at least three times a week. Meditation clears your head of junk, helps with visualization, and in deep trances you make your mantras much more effective. Finally, the time you wake up is a massive factor as well. Try waking yourself a bit after your last REM phase, or a little earlier than you naturally wake. The longer you stay asleep after your dreams end, the less you will remember.

      Good luck.
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      a few things i find help my recall is going to bed at a decent time, as in no late nights going to bed at 2-3 am. if i go to bed around 10-11 i usually have good recall. also, when you wake up try to remember not to move as movement will start starting up you brain for the day, rather than keeping it how it once was while you were dreaming. do not think about any daily worries coming up, or what you need to do that day yet, you can lose the dream. as soon as you wake up lay still and only think of your dream. if you cant remember yet just concentrate and maybe ask yourself what you were dreaming about in your head. think of a detail or two and maybe it will jog your dream memory. if you only have a ending detail, try to back track from there. where were you before that moment of the dream? hope this can help!
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