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    Thread: Anyone found more beneficial ways to document your dream entires?

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      Anyone found more beneficial ways to document your dream entires?

      This may cause a debate (trust me I'm not intending to stir one up) but I'm beginning to lean more in favor of the thought that the importance of dream journals are hugely overstated. Certain traditions (the Tibetan dream yogi's and Taoist dream practitioners) don't even bother with the grueling process of writing down their dreams. Dream journals are a crutch for most of us in order to gain access to our inner worlds at night. In my opinion dream journals are way too much effort with too little return but at the same time it's a necessary evil for most westerners. I'm thinking of looking for other ways to document my dreams that works better and more efficiently than the tortorous archaic methods proposed by LaBerge. Has anyone looked into the Dream Peg System and Mental Map Recall? If so how are you finding them in terms of effectiveness and ease of use?

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      I use a very basic System which involves first just lying very still when I awake from a dream , and then replaying the dream in my head . If I don't remember very much of the dream I play it backwards from what I do remember, so that I can link more of the dream . Then when I have as much as I can, I go over it several times . When I think I have it, I relax, but then a few minutes later I go over the dream again several times. I may write some tags in my electronic DJ ("Lucidity'' on a HUDL2). Using this method I can remember several dreams in one night, but I did, and do just how, write them up in my DJ, but only to be able to go over them later. The act of writing down definitely helps with recall for me.

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      I agree there may be limited benefit to those with good dream recall that already know how they dream. But I just can't get past the idea that by not writing down my dreams to remember them and look back on, I'm essentially losing life memories of adventures I had in an alternate reality. That's sad to think about.
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