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    Thread: Dream Journal is Incredible!

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      Dream Journal is Incredible!

      Exactly 1 week ago I saw a youtube video by "Dnews" about lucid dreaming. I was instantly intrigued and decided I wanted to dedicate myself to the practice. I have started recording my dreams on my phone and a notebook. And let me say, its amazing! I literally have remembered about 10 dreams in my life time because I had absolutely awful dream recall. 1 week in, I have remembered about 14 dreams. More than I actually remember in my life. And my most recent night I remembered 4 dreams. I never would've guessed a dream journal could be so effective.

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      Me neither, I don't understand how it works. When I write down my dreams for a week, all my dreams get more vivid and detailed. That is, when I'm not too lazy to do it.

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