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      DJ Problem

      Hey there

      My biggest problem now is keeping a dreamjournal. I'm obsessed with LDing and highly motivatet during the days, but when I wake up its like writing down my dreams is the last shit i wanna do, snd my mind always comes up with excuses why I dont need to write em down. What motivates you?
      (Audiorecord not an option)

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      I do in fact audio record, but also had this "problem" before. I mean it's just takes practice to get used to, and it needs to become a force of habit. About the motivation behind it - I'm personally "hyped" about any dream, not necessarily lucids, and I know that by recording it more details will pop up, plus this increases my recall so I'll have better memory of more dream. This is an issue of mindset.

      However, on many occasions I don't record straight away (e.g. when micro-awakening and doing a DEILD, or when I have no time in the morning for a 60 minute recording). In these occasions I just lay in bed for a few minutes and memorized (by mentally repeating) as much as I can. It obviously takes far less time than making an entry because it's in your brain, it's a memory, so you don't need to "describe" it (to your journal), just recall it. This is what works best for me.

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