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    Thread: can i call the dream that i want to see without lucid dreaming??

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      can i call the dream that i want to see without lucid dreaming??

      hi to all forumers..i like dreaming as all of you ..but i 've never experienced yet lucid dreaming.But i just want to see the dreams that i want to see ..i don't want to be conscious while i am dreaming..could i do that just write down them after see them??...thank you all forumers
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      If you want to dream about something specific, you can try "dream incubation". Basically it's thinking about what you want to dream about. Thinking, visualizing, feeling...

      This is best done with something you know very well. Like maybe your childhood room, or your mom's kitchen. Think about how it looks, how it feels - maybe there is a window opened and you get a nice breeze, how it smells - maybe your mom just finished baking cookies or your favorite meal, do you feel the tile floor with your bare feet or you have a soft carpet,... and so on.

      Also it's best to do this while you falling asleep. I'm really not sure what is the success rate for dream incubation. Maybe someone who is better at this will post some pointers here.

      But, if you wanted to learn lucid dreaming, you can change the dream to anything you like after you get lucid. Good luck!

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