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    Thread: Dream Telling Me a Dream Sign

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      Dream Telling Me a Dream Sign

      I was wondering if anyone else or if it's even possible for a dream of mine to tell me one of my dream signs. I am new into this world of lucid dreaming and this happened to be my first lucid dream. One of the dream characters told me my dream sign and I instantly realized I was dreaming. Although I have not seen this dream sign pop up anywhere else. Can this be my subconscious trying to tell me one of my dream signs? Or just playing along with the dream?
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      I've never had a dream character directly tell me a dream sign that I could add to the list of DSs I keep. I've just figured out my dream signs from reading through my dreams and noting the recurring elements. But I've never heard of someone being straight up told a dream sign.

      I do have a dream guide who will occasionally tell me straight up that I'm dreaming (probably the closest thing to what you describe). Though that's a little bit different than what you describe.

      Just out of curiosity what did the character say your dream sign was?

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