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      Dictaphone recommendation?

      Hey there,
      i thought about to try and buy me a dictaphone to tag my dreams during the night. now i am looking around for a cheap version that would be optimal for this purpose (i would buy it used on ebay).

      since i know that some of you using this method for years now i wanted to ask if you could give me advice to what looking for. any special functions that are handy or unhandy? digital or even better analog?

      my thoughts about this:

      -as simple as possible --> just 3 buttons so one can handle it without to much brainjuce and without opening eyes
      -maybe analog so its easier to wind? how is it with digital dictaphone? can you wind every second or so? do you feel a difference to analog?

      any models you can recommend or something? just curious about your experiences.

      Thanks for sharing

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      As far as I'm concerned, the one integrated in every smartphone is enough, just make sure you leave it open so that when you unlock the phone it's the first thing you see!

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