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      Can I use these as Dreamsigns

      So far in my dreams I tend to notice how I usually see my friends or classmates from school and that a majority of my dreams take place at my school setting. As well, I tend to see a lot of fictional characters in my dreams as well. Are these dreamsigns too broad?

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      Anything can be a dreamsign if you can recognize it.

      Begin doing reality checks regularly at school.

      And if they are current friends, ask them when they first see you or call and talk to you to ask:
      "kamen (or whatever) how do you know this isn't a dream?"

      then their DC selves will begin to do that in your dreams and you might realize you are dreaming.

      Unless you commonly run into fictional characters of course you can use them, still have to recognize them tho

      during the current competition I have made out with a young Brook Shields (didn't trigger)
      had a human form of Summer Glau (Terminator Sarah Conner Chronicles) die in my arms and then be possessed by one of the three enemies I had just killed with swords / stabbing devices (didn't trigger)

      of course there was that one time I was on an elevator with the youngest boy and the oldest girl from Eight is Enough, Luckily I didn't Trigger because it was in real life
      So if you happen to be in holly wood and a film crew is in the building be careful
      [I did say 'hi' to them and told them we were from Sacramento (the setting of Eight is Enough), my little sister just said its.. its.. its.. like a stuttering idiot]
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      Yes, those make great dream signs! I myself used to use my high school as a very prevalent dream sign. Every time I would get there in the morning and between classes I'd do a RC which eventually trickled over into my dreams. This lasted pretty much up until I graduated, but I still get the occasional dream from it.

      You can also do a small dream sign whenever you see one of your friends that appears in your dreams often. See if there's a small handful of people that are really prevalent since it can be pretty difficult/tiresome to perform a RC every time you see one of your classmates. Too many dream signs can be a bad thing .
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      I have a similar situation with certain co-workers as well as family members. I would say you could use them as dream signs. The way I'm approaching it is sharpening my awareness as well as doing a reality check when I see certain co-workers. As for people you don't see on a daily basis, possibly work on increasing prospective memory (within the MILD technique) and resolve to realize you're dreaming or do a RC etc. whenever you see the people.
      Just my two cents, but I hope it helps!

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      my dreams always being different, even today i dreaming like random dc talking about lucid dreaming and we walking in city, and how i cant do a rc in my dream it was so obviously .. when somebody talking about lucid dreaming in dream u must to know that ;D

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