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    Thread: Dream Recall

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      Dream Recall

      Is there any way to boost Dream Recalling? My Dream recall is terrible.
      I Do Dream Journal, but i dont remember anything at all. so i just put "No dreams". I've Heard Vitamin b6 and b12 are very good supplements to take, to increase dream recall
      As for me, Vitamin b12 doesn't help at all.

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      I don't think b12 will do much if anything but b6 should increase your dream recall try not to take too much as if you take a lot every day it will build up and become neurotoxic

      when You can't recall your dream what do you do? Just writing no dreams doesn't help much. In the case I had no memory even after trying I at least write "Awoke 1:05pm"

      However there is much you can do in the no recall case, before giving up, if alarm turn off then resume the same position you woke from, ask yourself where was I? ask who was I with? ask what was I doing? ask how did I feel? if none of these things work think about past dreams and signs you know of ask more specific questions from this list was I by water? did I use the bathroom? did I see cats?

      Still nothing, then begin to go thru lists happy, sad, scared... car, boat, bike, bus, plane, skateboard... school, work, college, childhood home, home, apartment, mall... cat, dog, bird, horse...
      if after a good 5 minutes of reflecting on everything you can think of then give up.

      of course this is something you can only do if you aren't super tired. If like me you wake up many times per night, I bring up the MS Notepad that I journal on on the computer and write a bit almost always, but If it is like 10:30pm or midnite or 1:30am and I didn't get to bed early I would probably give up sooner like after 2 min and go back to sleep mentally noting the time for next awakening. However usually I can recall at least 1min with great ease (from much practice) and usually a good 3 minutes or so and build up to as much as 3-5 segments of 3-5 minutes each (usually a maximum of 15 minutes of dream). start from some snippet you remember and work forwards and backwards where was I before that where was I after that, what was I doing what did I see.

      It will get easier once you know the things you dream of you can ask very specific questions like Was I on a Bus? Was I in a Forest? Was I in a strange Bathroom? based on your past recurrent themes tho not mine
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      b6 helps a lot. I can help you get some motivation!
      I started to practising dream recall last week. I took b6 vitamin 2hours before sleep, meditated 5-10min every day, RC just to make a habit for LD incase, DJ.
      First week I remembered 2 dreams by just doing this, which is a improvement for because I was not able to remember anything untill i set my mind to it. Before you are about to sleep repeat mantras that will increase your chances Also setting a very peacefull alarm to 4.5hour in to your sleep hopefully in your REM stage which will make it very easy for you to remember your dream.
      I'm now on my first day of week 2 and I have 1 dream already

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