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      help with my dream sign, cant determine if its a dream sign or not..

      So i was reading through my dream journal and noticed a couple dreams where I get into normal looking cars and its really really weird on the inside, heres 2 on the top of my head, I saw a jeep and i got in, it turned into like a huge bus sized interior and it was like bouncing around. And another from today I got into this smal regular green car, and inside it was huge and fluorescent green all over, and made of cheap plastic, and the steering wheel was on the wrong side. And also when ever I get in cars, I'm never alone in the car in the dream.

      If this is a dream sign, what should I do now?
      because I don't get into cars all that much, and I can't do RC then..
      How can I set in my mind to do a reality check when something like this happens.

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      You could do an RC whenever you see or hear about cars in general. Or on television, or in movies, if someone gets in a car you could do an RC. Anytime you see a car, you could picture yourself getting in the car and do a check. I hope this gives you some ideas
      ...always dreaming...

      And still no lucid dreams...wild...mild...or otherwise...


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