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    Thread: DCs Say the Darndest Things

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      Me: This is a beautiful lucid dream
      Mother: You know you are dreaming???
      Me: Yeah of course!

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      Pool, my boss in the dream, made us write a writing exercise because I was late for a meeting. If one person was late for the meeting, that everyone else has to get punished.
      So the writing thing was clear in the dream. The number roman numeral two showed up a lot in the writing. I could read what she was writing. She was writing on the board that was in front of her from bottom to top and from right from left. The example about loving her pet rabbits. Hey I'm dreaming!!
      Then when she was done, instead of erasing it like a normal human being, she set the whole board on fire.
      I thought to myself, I guess this mean that we are all fired?

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