Welcome to the Dream World Academy! The purpose of the DWA is to encourage lucid dreaming and create a new world solely made from our dreams. We especially encourage those participating in courses of the DVA to look for the DreamWorld castles but DVA participation is not required. This world is for everyone.

You need not be lucid to post castle visits. Yes, lucid visits are great, but even a non-lucid dream to the DWA is worth posting.

*the following taken mostly from previous DWA thread*

What is the Dream World Academy?

The Dream World Academy is a castle located in, you guessed it, the Dream World. Not much is known about the Academy as of now, but that is where you (the dreamers) come in. We want you to help us discover what exactly is within the walls of this Academy. Where did it come from? Why is it suddenly appearing all across the Dream World? We thought this project would be a good way to bring the DVA community together and provide a little extra inspiration for lucid dreaming. This is all just for fun.

Basically, the Dream World Academy is a castle located in the dream world. The idea, is for members, you, to visit the Academy in your dreams and report back what you found. Your first-hand accounts will help shape the layout, as well as the history behind the Academy. As the castle is explored though your dreams, we will keep record of the castle layout in a "Blue Print" thread. Also, the things you find and the activities you take part in, may help shape the history of the Academy itself. We will gradually release the story surrounding the Academy as we go. Your dreams will help mold this as well.

Rules/Additional Information
- You must first visit the castle within your dream. Then post your dream in the "Visitor Recollection" thread. The dream must also be posted in your dream journal here on Dream Views. So, basically, it will follow along the lines of the Task of the Month requirements.

- Lucid and Non-lucid dreams can count towards the creation of the castle, but if you are in the Dream World Academy, I'd hope you would become lucid .

- You are not bound to the castle alone. You can explore the grounds surrounding the castle as well. Be sure to interact with dream characters if you encounter any. They may know secrets about the castle and help aide you in your exploration.

- The DVA staff involved in this project will use your dreams and experiences to shape the castle and its story. Some things may be used, while other things may be left out. We will do our best to mesh everyone's experiences together. Its also important to note that we may add portions of back-story/plot/etc from our imagination. This will help us tie everything together and create a coherent story.

How to Find the Academy
The Dream World Academy is a mystery within itself. Created long ago with the powers of lucidity, the castle has some very interesting qualities. The castle is able to create clones of itself and spread them all across the dream world. It is said that any lucid dreamer seeking the castle can find it waiting for them with open doors. The front door of each castle is actually just a portal to the primary location. These portals are highly advanced and the dreamer will not even notice they have been transported to a new location. So far, we have only been able to locate the castle's clones. The primary location is unknown and many wonder if it is even in the same dimension as the dream world.

In addition to the clones that can appear, the castle also has random portals set-up throughout the dream world. These portals also appear as doors. Be sure to check any door you come across as it may be a hidden portal to the Dream World Academy. Simply open the door and see if it has lead you to the interior of the castle. Not much is known about these doors. They seem to be scattered all across the dream world and can be disguised as any type of door. They seem to transport dreamers to various sections of the castle, not only the main entrance. It is thought that other portals to the academy may be disguised as cave entrances, tunnels, etc. This is a great way to test out your lucid dreaming abilities!

There may be other unknown ways to enter the Academy as well. So, strap on your night cap, snuggle under those covers, count your sheep and start exploring!