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    Thread: OneofMany's series of inexplicable Dream Yoga events workbook....

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      Okay, Lol! I'm glad you took my post well, after posting I was worried I went too far, wrote wayyy too much, etc. but couldn't change it cause all my stuff broke.

      Version 1: Listening to a Noisy World.-Level 1 Part Deux. subcategory: Noisy People Sounds/words, ADAI've been experiencing several electronic difficulties since last posted...computer down, internet fried, and mp3 player went on the fritz. So, yeah, I kinda got really distracted from listening to a noisy world when home at least, and kept on noticing how many urges I got to do something involving my "toys," I thought it was funny and kept a mental note of the urges(frequency and content). Luckily most of my things just started working again after a few days(wtf?), except the internet, which turned out several points in the system were fried(modem, line, and server).

      Observations->I noticed I was having difficulty balancing listening and ADA at the same time. Normally, with the listening, it's not too much trouble as I don't "feel" much, but this week, I just noticed more internal stirrings. So for example, someone's talking and my focus is purely external, then...I'm not sure of the process exactly, but...I'd notice a feeling rise inside, then I'd try to watch(usually involving an involuntary glance down and right) the feeling AND listen, but it was really tough, as I tend to go inside deeply, so I tried to just quickly check, granted I can do a "surface" check on emotions but if I want to know the source I have to look deeply, and adjust accordingly. I tend to get most feelings as a sensation/color first, then there's an identification/label second, then as I'm trying to learn how to let it be or whatever, I watch it rise and then dissipate(rather than supress, act, or judge). I've been having problems getting a enough sleep due to well, job hours changes, extra work, blah blah blah, so maybe it's harder to focus cause of sleepyness.

      I noticed during those times when I can really sit, and listen deeply, my synesthesia has changed a bit, normally, a just get a flash or rarely yellow, but lately sounds have more distinct color or something, I'm not sure how to describe it. For example a sudden cough was a bright white flash, but a crinkle of a potato chip bag was dynamic undulating waves a red, pink, then fading to white, that was unusual for me. Most of the times sounds are well...sounds, or a occasional flash but never put much mind to it, now with the listening meditations, it's amazing, like a whole new world of incredible depth and vibrancy is there. I never really "got" meditation, especially the breathing, but this I can relate to, so awesome.

      Dreamtime stuff->I imagine it is just bound to happen given the probabilities, but I had a two dreams going on at the same-ish time, I would toggle back and forth. Mostly they were similar, same dcs but the scene was different and script similar but nuanced, barring one element were I was getting heat-stroke in one dream, but fine in the other and resting on a A/C unit. So I thought that was funny....

      Questions->So do you know if it's normal for synthesia to change in say greater diversity in experience as well as in frequency of occurrence? Or would you say it's just a broader awareness of the various states of whatever, idk. I'm really lacking coherent words today.
      How can I stay awake during meditating? I really struggle with zonking out.

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      The kind of synesthesia you are talking about is going to get deeper and more intense color as you participate in this class. It is simply a matter of developing a new way of observing you inner workings, and also some neural development. Please skip ahead for a minute and read the lesson on visualization at least one time. Then come back to your current studies. You may find it all ends up related. I am honored to provide you with tools to improve your earthly experiences. I am also more than impressed that you are going into depth on the first lesson. I hope I made it clear to everyone that this is a way of changing your way of experience. Many young students want to rush to the end and get frustrated that they can not manage the intermediate stuff. Well that is because they did not spend any time really absorbing the first few lessons. Congrats on that, it shows great maturity.
      As far as staying awake you must look at two things. First using meditation to induce sleep will become important in learning WILD and is useful in daily relaxation, so do not shun it altogether. Second is that you may need to build a few things into your practice to keep you from reaching true sleep. This is one reason some teachers insist on you sitting upright and unsupported. In such a position you will feel you head lull and your body shift as sleep comes on. Another method involves holding any small object between your thumb and fore finger. As sleep comes on you will start to release the object. either the sound of it landing or the awareness that it is starting to shift will bring you back. hope those ideas help. After you get better at staying awake you may not need either device. I like meditating laying down, but have plenty of practice.
      Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

      "Instruction in Dream Yoga"

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      The kind of synesthesia you are talking about is going to get deeper and more intense color as you participate in this class. It is simply a matter of developing a new way of observing you inner workings, and also some neural development. Please skip ahead for a minute and read the lesson on visualization at least one time. Then come back to your current studies. You may find it all ends up related.
      Thanks, makes sense. I'll skip ahead and will read up. I find it so exciting to find new ways to perceive the world as it is, and it's just so awesome.

      Thank you for the suggestions, I'll try them out. I've been carving out time to sit and meditate at night so I'm really excited to put your tips to practice, I can see it really helping. I definitely need more practice before trying to meditate laying down I imagine meditating prior to doing(or as a means to) a WILD would make for an incredible LD.

      I'm going to update my journal when I have more time later. Thank you for your time. It really helps, and motivational as well.
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      I'm still practicing. It's pretty much a lifestyle for me at this point. Something I really want to hone, and sharpen; with each progressive level of honing, I discover newer things I never realized before. It's made life around 20% more awesome.

      Version 1: Listening to a Noisy World.-Currently, each evening I practice for about an hour or more. I enjoy bringing it(practice) to as much aspects of my life as possible. I noticed that at a certain point, sound and sight blend into one, so I just focus on sounds and go with that, they all end up the same in the end anyway, so whateves.

      I don't have problems falling asleep so much anymore. It's really a balancing act, I'm still learning, but sometimes I just stay really, really awake, so then I try to increase my relaxation as I'm aiming for that balance as I'm diving deep, so to speak. I haven't posted here in quite a while, lots has happened, and really feel invigorated by my experiences although I don't understand it all, what, how, etc. there is an over-all sense of well-being and satisfaction that occurs irregardless of external circumstances.

      Observations-> I've noticed that the listening aspect is so much more than hearing, with time, things got subtler, finer, and integrated or interconnected. I find it so exciting, it's as if there are an infinite amount of layers to life, and with each discovery, there's another deeper/finer layer.

      I've found through the listening meditation, I have been able to expedite learning or that learning curve, just by listening and watching internally for a particular sensation/visual like fitting in a groove where learning a technique was compressed exponentially. And when I hit that groove, like whoosh, just absolute effortless learning, an amazing sensation.

      I've also noticed that by listening and trying to maintain a balance on subtle & gross sounds, leads to some pretty amazing experiences, and lends more depth to something that would bother me prior, now is freaking awesome and actually has quite a bit of beauty to it; usually I'm just in awe observing. Like a person who is acting like a bully, is actually pretty cool to observe when in a semi-meditative-like state and really put a new perspective on things. I've noticed I tend to do this in "negative" situation, I'm not sure if it's because things are more "intense" so easier to observe or what, but I really would like to have similar experiences in observing say "love" or "positive" interactions between people, but haven't had as much in experiences.

      I've also noticed, that there's this subtle tinnitus-like sound that is ever present, but hard to hear when going about daily business, but once I still my mind, it's there, at the faintest a hum, or buzz, and at the loudest, a jet engine roar. I found it pretty good guide in training, if my mind wanders, sound goes away, when my thoughts quite, it's more pronounced.

      In conjunction, I've also noticed particular lights strengthen or brighten as I focus on the sound. Various patterns seem to pop up, like oh, here's the checkerboard pattern; hm, now colors and lines appear; usually it's geometric shapes and colors(spirals, waves, a pointed petal outline, etc), inverting, imploding and revolving. It starts off dark, but eventually, it lights up, I've opened my eyes to see if there is an external source of light, but now have gotten used to it so it's not distracting. But I noticed that one particular light, like a flashlight, a golden glow, I've found by playing around with tuning into the sounds and out, also gets brighter and dimmer. At one point, I thought I had done well during one meditation, I tried to turn my eyes up to see it, but couldn't move my eyes in that direction; then I remembered how I didn't need physical eyes to see, and pushed my consciousness up to check it out. I saw a golden light at the top of my head, when I went towards it, I entered a golden tunnel, I wasn't sitting in meditation anymore, but flying through this tunnel, everything was enveloped in this golden light, I was watching myself from my point of consciousness, I saw how I(form/body-self) was semi-transparent, I saw the source of the light, flew towards it a bit, but didn't know what I was doing, turned around after observing some stuff. So that was unexpected.

      Dreamtime stuff->I'm happy with how things are developing. Ultimately, I'd like to LD at will or every night. Currently I'll have periods of high activity, every night/several times per night, and dry periods of one week to a month, I get a bit "itchy"/restless for an LD after about a week or two(especially). I've had some cool lds, which freaked me out at the time, but now have gotten used to such experiences and quite enjoy the freedom it entails. I guess it started with one particular LD, I tried to practice concentration meditation whilist LDing, to cut it short, I ended up watching myself dissolve, I panicked, couldn't wake up, or find my body(I liked to split my consciousness between my sleeping physical body and dream-self just prior for giggles). I felt myself, spin out of control, I lost all sense of space, time; the more I tried to fight it, wake up, get out of the LD, the faster I dissolved, I never felt no time before, nothing like this, I literally thought I died in my sleep.

      Eventually, all of my body vaporized, and "I" was still there, but more like I was merged with space itself(I had 360 vision, etc), still no time, but this felt vaguely familiar, and peaceful. Then after a bit, I focused on creating a dream body, I managed to make a finger, then hand, then found my body, yada yada. I actually prefer this state(no body) now when LDing(and during meditation), if I want to feel physical stuff, I'll make a dreambody, use both formless and form, or sometimes, I'll be a single point of consciousness and make hands with arms but no body. I don't like the motion sensation I get from a dreambody so much though, as the movement/sensation of thought is like riding a rollercoaster flying around dreams and all.

      Questions->Always, never ending, what? how? why? huh? tips?

      Irregardless, thank you.

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