Here's my workbook.
I am super excited and hopefully you aren't too overwhelmed by students I could see why anyone would want to join this class. I want to do dream yoga to stabilize my dream life as well as my waking life. I don't like meandering through life. Screw autonomy. Now that I notice how much I zone out I am really trying to refocus myself. I know this can help.

Alright I will start with Version 1 during the day and when I get a chance and I will also use Version 2 when I am falling asleep. It will be a nice change from praying to a guru and imagining dakinis haha. I am currently doing the Zhine technique from Yoga from Dream and Sleep, I think I will combine that with one of the other two versions and see how that goes! I plan on doing this for at least 2 weeks and seeing the effects.

I am also going to try WILDing nightly again.
I will post periodically!

Salamus out.